Lancaster Fire Department
ISO Class Two
The Lancaster Fire Department
We serve, by providing quality fire prevention,
Environmental protection, and
Emergency services.
As a Lancaster Professional Firefighter
We accept great personal risk to save another's life   
We accept moderate personal risk to save another's property
We accept no personal risk to save whatever is already lost.

Fire Prevention Tips

Summertime is when most fire incidents happen. Most of it start inside homes and you just have two minutes to escape. Thus, it is important to plan ways to protect yourself and your home from fire. The first step is identifying items in your home that may cause fire and remove or put it in the right designation. Next is installing devices that will help you with fire including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinklers. Lastly, you need to devise a fire escape plan that should be practiced regularly. According to review, victims of the fire were mostly unprepared for what happened. Some of them lack knowledge about fire hazard items and doesn’t have any fire and safety equipment. Fire shouldn’t be underestimated because it’s a dangerous event that can happen to anyone.

Station 1
Arch Street Station
401 East Arch Street

Station 2
University Station
453 Hubbard Drive  

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Fire Officer of the
Year, 2004:
Capt. Chuck Small

Firefighter of the
Year, 2004:
FF Billy Morris
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